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  • Hi Vivaldi team, it's really great that you've made the bug reporting system. There is a lot of bugs in this great Vivaldi TP. It would be very useful for us - users, and probably for you, developers, to have some Bug tracker. There's a lot of bugs that community could confirm and find the reason why/when the bug occurs. It would be also easier to find, whether similar bug is already reported, which is very hard in the forum right now. It would be also positive for the community to see whether you are working on some bug and what's your priority for this bug (maybe some voting system could help you to decide which bugs are crucial for users). Anyways, thank you for great TP. As a long time Opera pre15 user, I am really missing some browser with the speed and possibilities of old Opera (still having 12.17 as main browser). Thanks!

  • I agree, a standard public bug tracker would be nice. (Naturally, for security-related bug reports, it makes sense to withhold info until fixed.)

  • Great idea. My vote would be for Jira. 🙂

  • @RRR13:

    My vote would be for Bugzilla.

    I've used both professionally (as well as Mantis and some others that don't exist anymore), and while Bugzilla isn't bad per se, it's IE6 compared to Jira's Chrome Opera Vivaldi. 😉 In particular, Jira's ability to easily vote for and watch issues would be nice as we follow Vivaldi's development. Of course, the downside is that Jira is commercial, but then, so is Vivaldi (if they were open source or non-profit, they could get a free Jira license).

    Bugzilla's featuresJira's features.


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