Touch support is near perfect with 1.5.638.3

  • Until today the use of Vivaldi on a touch-only Win10 tablet was showing an issue with losing control of the touch interface if a tabbed or an embedded window using java "either or" flash appeared on a website. The input priority was almost all given to (or taken by) the window and everything else in the UI was out of control. Even after closing the offending window, the rest of Vivaldi was vary painfully responding to touch inputs making it preferable to close it down and restart it. Gee, today the issues are gone with 1.5.638.3 ! So far so good, I am back in control of my Vivaldi program. Congrats guys, you've put the finger on it! I can also control the zoom level for both the UI and the web page. All those things were working perfectly with the keyboard attached, but not with only the touch screen. So the attachable keyboard will stay for longer periods on the shelf. 🙂 Vivaldi is now much more than liveable on this little PC. For my usage, the only item remaiming in the wish list is the pinch zoom. Mine is an ASUS T100HA. Win10, 4Gigs of RAM, and Intel CherryTrail Quad-core Atom processor.


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