Bookmark Bar bug - folder will not sort

  • After adding a new bookmark to a folder in the Bookmark Bar by dragging from address bar and dropping in a folder in the Bookmark Bar (docked on the top), the newly added bookmark does not get sorted alphabetically when "sort by title" is selected in the Bookmarks Panel for the folder. What is needed is the ability to Right-Click the folder in the Bookmark Bar and apply sort order there, without having to dig into the Panel. Have a look at Firefox to see the advantages of in-place editing of Bookmarks and folders and nested folders. Vivaldi still has a ways to go in Bookmark Management, but it's much better than Opera. I stopped using Opera because I could not adequately manage and backup my bookmarks.

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    The sort order in Bookmark Panel is only a order for display in panel, not a real sort.

  • I found a way to sort Bookmarks stored in folders:

    Menu > Tools > Bookmarks, then manually drag and drop in the list so they are alphabetical (or whatever).

    What's needed is a 'sort' option in the right-click context menu of individual Bookmark Bar folders.

    Also, Bookmarks in folders cannot be renamed from the Bookmark Bar. There is not even a right-click context menu for Bookmarks in folders. Is there a reason why there is no right-click context menu for Bookmarks in folders?

    And instead of 'Rename' why not an 'Edit' selection that opens a dialog that allows editing not only the name of the Bookmark but also the address and perhaps the notes and favicon as well? (Firefox has this feature)

  • The Bookmarks Bar is for accessing your bookmarks quickly. To edit them use the Bookmarks Panel or Bookmarks tab.

    It's useful to be able to manually sort the bookmarks on the bar by D&D, while keeping them sorted differently in the Panel. I would hate it if sorting folders in the Panel when I am trying to manage bookmarks would mess up my familiar arrangement on the Bookmarks Bar.

    Some right-click menu features would be useful on Bookmark folders, but editing bookmarks is not one of them.

  • @Pesala:

    Some right-click menu features would be useful on Bookmark folders, but editing bookmarks is not one of them.

    I find it amusing when people tell others what is or isn't useful to them. Of course I completely disagree with you. When I right click on a bookmark, regardless of where it is, I want the full options available. Delete, rename, copy, move, sort, open, etc.

    As far as sorting goes, here is how I would like it to work:
    1. Every folder has is own sort state.
    2. A master sort that changes the sorting of all folders. You would likely do this once, or at least infrequently, then override that setting on an individual folder basis.
    3. Every folder has a context menu with the full list of sort options, regardless of where you are accessing it.
    4. Sorting in the panel or manager would be only for display purposes while that panel or window is active, and would reset to the sort order of the individual folders next time it is opened.
    5. Related to #4, an option in the manager to save the current order to all folders static state, so I can save any rearranging I do.
    6. Drag and drop bookmarks to change order, and it saves for that folders static state. Again, should be able to do that anywhere.
    7. An option to show folders before bookmarks
    8. A split panel, with folders on top, and bookmarks below (like old Opera, always used that view)


  • Bookmark Management is one of the most important features for me. I use browsers daily in my profession and I often have a dozen windows open with a dozens or more tabs each… no time to screw around... I need functionality and stability.

    The top 3 reason why I'd switch browsers are stability, ease of use, and bookmark management. Internet Explorer is strong on bookmark management but barfs on the ease of use test - which is why I switched to Firefox, but Firefox is horribly unstable – which is why I switched to Opera. Opera fails on bookmark management which is why switched to Vivaldi.

    Vivaldi is strong on ease of use but is lacking some key features which are sorely missed having used Firefox.

    Here's what I'm talking about….

    1. Need to be able edit the Bookmark Bar - right-click contex menus for folders, subfolders, nested subfolders. I want to sort, rename, move, delete and drag/drop right in the Bookmark Bar. (see Firefox for examples of this functionality)

    2. Need to be able to AUTOMATE BACKUP of Bookmarks. This is the one thing I really liked about IE - the Favorites folder. A simple copy of this folder was all that was needed. No export, no digging into the the AppData folder. I want to grab my bookmarks from the filesystem so I can back them up along with my other data.

    3. Need more options to modify the toolbar. The area to the right/left of the address bar should contain user-defined buttons. I don't want a lot of buttons, but I do need one-click access to some things... History, downloads, etc. I don't need the "Home Page" button and I never use it. Again, see Firefox for examples of how to customize the toolbar. One thing I especially miss is the new tab button that I kept right on the toolbar.. no need to hunt for the "+" which is a moving target in Vivaldi.

    4. Let users set defaults for tab functionality I ALWAYS want tabs to open in the background. As it is now, it's cumbersome to find the "open tab in background" menu selection.

    All that being said, I'm a big fan of Vivaldi and look forward to the next release.

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