Feature Request - expand/collapse Panel button [edit: it's already there]

  • The Panel is pure awesome. I like that I can add my browsing History page as a "Web Panel" - very helpful. But I don't like having to manually resize the Panel. How about an expand/collapse button for the Panel IN ADDITION TO the ability to manually resize it? Thanks for everyone's effort on Vivalid.. very nice... great job. Love it!

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    How about an expand/collapse button for the Panel

    How about just clicking the current panel's button again? :dry:

  • Hi, I have "Show Panel Toggle" activated, make it easier to hit.

    Cheers, mib

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    Hi, I have "Show Panel Toggle" activated, make it easier to hit.

    I don't think that's the question being asked by katra, who apparently wants to close the panel, not hide the panel toolbar.

    The panel toggle could not be any easier to hit, since it is infinite width. Just move the mouse cursor to the edge of the window to click it.

    The existing button to show/hide the panel on the Status Bar is on the wrong side if the panels are on the right.

    (VB-8055) Icon to Show/Hide Panel on Wrong Side

  • I just found the "Show Panel Toggle" option in Settings. That does what I was looking for (although it is rather narrow and hard to click). Sorry for the noob request.

    What I was trying to do – what I'm really looking for -- is one-click access to Browsing History in a tab or other full-screen display. I thought I could get this by adding History as a Web Panel. This just does NOT work, even with the ability to toggle the Panel.

    Coming from Firefox, I'm used to having a History button on the main toolbar -- next to the button for Home Page, for example.

    As it is now, I have to dig into the Tools menu and select History. It's not that bad... but there is plenty of room for a button or two next to the address bar, along with the home page and refresh button.

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    Did you not find the button on the Status bar yet? Unless you disabled the Status bar, that takes no space at all.

    Unless you're working in a restored window, the Panel Toggle is easy to click. However, shortcuts are far easier. F4 is the default to toggle the panel..

    Adding the History as a panel does work, but it needs half of the window at the moment (use Separate Width to avoid all of the panels being wide). They are working on that as a priority. For now, using a shortcut to show the History in a Tab (Ctrl H is the default).

    See item number 10 in the Feature Requests thread.

  • I had not yet found it. Thanks for pointing it out. The Panel toggle button on the taskbar is much easier to work with and makes the ultra thin toggle control enabled in Settings obsolete.

    As for accessing History, I was able to add "vivaldi://history" as a bookmark in the Bookmark Bar (which I keep docked on top). This is my only bookmark that is not in a folder. It meets the need for one-click access to History very nicely. Vivaldi's History page is more functional than Firefox or IE and is a one reason why I love Vivaldi. An improvement here would be the addition of sorting controls so History could be sorted 'alphabetically by name' and/or 'last viewed' (ascending or descending).


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