Close (all other) tabs

  • Hello, besides that Vivaldi is the only useful browser for me atm, i ran into a little problem with the context menu of the tabs. Normally i would use shortcuts to close tabs (80+ of them open at any time), because the little 'x' is absolutely out of any question. But sometimes fate (or laziness) guides my hand to the context menu of a tab, only to set my browser session up to a grim fate. Not that precise motor functions (i wasn't drunk, i swear :whistle: ) and i very closely missed close tab. Instead, i hit close all other tabs. Poof All tabs besides the one i wanted to close are gone. Easy, i thought the first time araound. Just ctrl+z them all back into existence. WRONG! Around 25 of them came back, the rest lived (un)happily in the afterlife.... Meanwhile i found a workaround with saved sessions, but every once in a while tabs change, the saved session doesn't and i go crazy over lost tabs i collected in the sweat of my brow. So long story, short question: Is there a way to customize the context menu of the tab, to disable all other options than close tab? Or if not possible, is there a way to expand the cache in which closed tabs are stored, so i can easily restore my whole active session?

  • Disable the x and close tabs on double click, or just use a shortcut for it. Using the context menu to close a single tab is more complicated than it needs to be in my opinion. Your requests are unique and only the devs can implement them.


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