[Feature Request] Alternative Chrome-like status bar

  • I don't want the status bar to take space that can be used to display web pages, but I still want to see where all the links point to. My suggestion is: when you disable the classic status bar, links' href should be displayed in a small pop-up in the bottom-left corner of the window. Just like in Chrome and all the other big web browsers. We can perform actions available on the status bar anyway, using keyboard shortcuts. Leave a comment if you like this idea.

  • Yes the statusbar is one of the few things i actually like in chrome…
    But i would enhance it a little bit with the ability to place buttons there. The user would have to hold a modifier key(shift, ctrl or alt) showing/locking it to be able to interact with it.

  • I'm with you, i need a chrome-like status bar. If i deactivate the actual status bar, i can't see the link, like you said.

    I created an account just for reply and support this post.

  • @kotoro:



    	display:block !important;
    	position:static !important;
    	padding:0 !important;
    	height:0 !important;
    	width:0 !important;
    #footer.disabled > *{
    	display:none !important;
    #footer.disabled #status_info{
    	display:block !important;
    #footer.disabled #status_info span{
    	position:fixed !important;
    	bottom:0 !important;
    	left:0 !important;
    	margin:0 !important;
    	color:#333 !important;
    	background-color:#FEFEFE !important;
    	padding:2px 5px !important;
    	border:#9E9E9E solid 0 !important;
    	border-width:1px 1px 0 0 !important;
    	max-width:50% !important;
    	overflow: hidden !important;
    	white-space: nowrap !important;
    	text-overflow: ellipsis !important;
    	z-index:50 !important;
    #footer.disabled #status_info span:empty{
    	display:none !important;

    This code is working only when status bar disable.
    It's not perfect. Popup status info overlaps the panel.


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