Tab getting replaced with previous tab…

  • REPRO: * open incongnito window. 1. open any site 2. open second site with Alt Enter 3. Alt Tab to previous tab. D'oh! Should be Ctlr + Tab. 4. Hit Enter. 5. See tab reloads with the second tab's URL, resulting in two tabs for the same site. Nothing in the Settings jumped out as a possible explanation.

  • Moderator

    Alt Tab would switch to the previous Window. Is that what you mean?

    Either way, I cannot reproduce it here.

  • Maybe it was Ctlr + Tab, but the idea is to go back to the first tab, same window.
    I don't know what would explain it. Maybe I have to study the settings again.

  • Moderator

    If I open another tab in a Private Window, then Ctrl Tab to the previous tab, the URL field does not have focus, so nothing happens with Enter. If I press F8 first, then Enter, again the current page reloads.

    Which version are you using, because Incognito has now been renamed to Private Window everywhere AFAIK?

    I am using 1.5.633.16 (Developer Build) (32-bit) on Windows 10.

  • Ah, I see. Entering the new URL then Alt+Enter, leaves the new URL in the original Tab. So going back to it and hitting enter loads the new URL. Firefox/Chrome leave the original tab's URL the same, so its not a problem with those two.

    I'm on the last stable: 1.4.x, on Ubuntu.


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