Annoying history bug

  • I filed a bug report about this awhile back. I am not sure if the developers just brushed it off or didn't get the report / missed it. I often have to go through my history for sites. Usually this is how I produce the problem. I type ctrl h, and it opens the history view page. Okay, I search for something I need. I do this all the time. After I put in a search keyword, it finds all urls / titles related to it. Okay, now if I open a couple of pages to check them out, and switch to another tab. It resets the keyword, and undo where I was. Like a complete refresh. It's annoying. I would like the developers to fix this. It's really annoying!

  • It may be more a feature request than a bug, as Vivaldi is using Chrome's History page. Bug reports don't get ignored. They are logged on the database, but you won't get a reply unless they need some more information. All bugs/issues join the long queue and will get fixed when they reach the top of the pile.

    They are actively working on improving the history. See item number 10 in the Feature Requests thread.

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