Vivaldi Browser History wishes

  • hi 2 wishes for Vivaldi History Correction:: When you open a URL out of the wrb history window - either new or same window/tab - the complete history window is rewritten, reloaded and you see it from the newest URL on top. 😞 This is NOT useful! The opening of new URLs should not affect the history window where you are reading it, except the adding of the new opened URL on the Top. Improvement: There should be a second sort of history search method: Search without blending out the false results. It should be possible to see the history search results in the true history, so you can see the true following or previous URLs. This is useful as one wants to see the surfed URLs around that time point. You can often only guess what you surfed at a searched time and therefore to view the surrounding Websites is very helpful 🙂 Or does this exist as addon? Thank you 🙂

  • I agree, the history page needs massive improvements. Not even the search field is focused when you open history – just as a minor example. And the theming isn't complete on the page either. It would also be nice being able search the history directly from addressbar with a shortcut. I'm sure they are aware of these issues, but have chosen to neglect development of the history page in favour of more pressing issues....

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