What is difference about Reader mode is enable or disable?

  • I updated Vivaldi to latest version 1.5.633.3. "Reader mode" is nice! But I can't use this feature on all websites. What is difference about that this feature is enable or disable on websites? For example, on Vivaldi official blog, this feature is enable. But on my blog, this feature is disable. Why? Please tell me. Vivaldi official blog https://vivaldi.net/en-US/ My Blog↓ http://kyu3.blog.jp And When I used Reader mode on "Gizmode", Images is showed. But When I use Reader mode on "INTERNET Watch" (Japanese Tech News site), Images is not showed. Why? Gizmodo↓ http://www.gizmodo.jp/2016/10/google-pixel-hands-on.html INTERNET Watch↓ http://internet.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1024959.html

  • The reader mode button is just a convenient shortcut to the Readability feature in status bar. They didn't do anything new with it in the update, it's a work in progress and doesn't function as expected on many sites. At the moment it's better to use a dedicated extension or a bookmarklet instead of reader mode, if you rely on this kind of functionality on a daily basis.


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