Vivaldi Browser UI Breaks

  • Starting with the latest update 1.5.633.16 (Developer Build) (32-bit) I've been experiencing issues with the Vivaldi's graphical UI. Per occurrence, the bug behaves differently but the main issues is the same, the browser UI breaks. At first the UI goes black and when hovering the mouse arrow above the tabs, URL & search bar including the utility bar [at the bottom of the window] move & jump around said area. In the latest manifestation of the bug, the UI just went all dark [see attached images] Thought the UI was not visible this was still "functionally" responsive, the browser was still responsive to mouse clicks. I was able to change tabs, minimize, maximize the browser & exit it by using X. The Vivaldi button was still functional as well. Has anybody experienced this issue? I will be filing a bug. Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img]


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