Any way to hide and arrange the extensions in any kind of wrapper or something

  • You are about to read some bad English and I am really sorry about it I am not a native English speaker. [url=]I have many extensions[/url] but in Vivaldi as we all know we can't even arrange our extension's nor we can hide them in some kind of warper like in chrome all the extension can be hide in the menu I want something like that ! Is there is anything we can do with the help of CSS+JS 2nd this is there is anyway we can add setting button on extension like [url=]this[/url]

  • I second this, I'm desperately looking for a way to hide the extension icons too.

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    @Kabouik There's no way to arrange the icons as of yet, but you can hide their buttons easily by clicking RMB on them and selecting "Hide button".

  • The issue with this workaround is extensions that rely on the context menu of their icon to do actions. I think I'll try to make them autohide instead of trying to wrap them in a single button (which seems impossible).

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    Such rearranging of buttons in planned for Vivaldi. But i cant say when it will come.


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