Password Management - Please allow to sort grid and add a filter on top

  • I wonder why nobody complains about the very limited management of stored passwords. 😞 It would be great if we could at last sort the table alphabetically by clicking on the columns and I wonder why there is no search filter above the stored passwords view in the settings. That would really help a lot.

  • i dont use any browser password manager very much. you might want to check out password managers like keepass, dashlane, lastpass. they have convenient organizing options like that. being able to search passwords sounds like it would be a security flaw. i rearrange my passwords into keepassx folders, however my whim desires.

  • External password management tools are good, but especially for the mega often used daily tasks like twitter and developer forums like the Vivaldi community I tend to save the most common used passwords in Vivaldi in addition as it's slightly faster to log in.
    Just the management of these inside Vivaldi is terrible.

  • have you tried the password manager extensions? in developer builds lastpass wouldn't integrate, but i believe developers fixed that. i personally copy keepass dbx to vivaldi. i know people that really like the lastpass and dashlane extensions on their browsers.


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