Messegner panel width

  • Hi. I have a problem with facebook messenger panel. Fb recently changed minimum width of this panel to 640px, so my panel has to have now 640 px in width 😕 I have tried to customized it with Stylebot extension with following code: [code]._4sp8 {min-width: 300px;}[/code] But it works only on mail browser window (not in panel), is there a way to fix it?

  • Moderator

    Which version of Vivaldi are you using? Web Panels can now have a Separate width to the other panels.


  • I know that.
    But I don't want to have big messenger panel that is taking majority of my screen space.

  • Moderator

    Don't shoot the messenger. 😉 You did not say that you already knew about the Separate width option, so I told you about it.

    My Gmail tab is currently about 620 pixels wide, which is fine. After all, if I am checking my email, why do I need to be concerned about it using less than one third of my window (1920 pixels) or even half of it?

    If it concerns you that much, use it in a separate tab.


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