Reader Mode button - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.633.3

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    [quote=ruario]Today's snapshot adds a new reader mode icon to the address field, adds a few more settings and fixes some very annoying bugs![/quote] [b]Reader Mode[/b] Reader mode simplifies web pages by removing most of the clutter. We actually added support some time back, within our page actions. Today, we are making it more accessible by providing a button directly within the address field. This is still work in progress and we are very much open to feedback. Please let us know your thoughts below. [b]Known Issues[/b] [li]Drag tabs between windows has been disabled for public builds: this will be fixed in the next snapshot [b]Changelog[/b] [li][Tabs DND] Broken dragged tab visualisation (VB-21558) [li][Tabs DND] Drag tabs to trash bin to close them (VB-21837) [li][Tabs DND] Drag of tabs does not work on empty tabbar space (VB-21840) [li][Tabs DND] Content blinks when detaching tab (VB-22004) [li][URL field] Add a reader mode button on address field/bar (VB-21517) [li][URL field] Add a setting to turn on/off page loading progress on address field (VB-17119) [li][URL field] Do not select everything while focusing address bar: Added an option to turn off selecting the whole URL (VB-15712) [li]Entering numbers in text field performs single key keyboard shortcut (VB-21704) [li]Text cursor/caret occasionally disappears on web pages (VB-19691) [li]Cannot import O12 data without having a operaprefs.ini file in the same directory (VB-22144) [li]Gesture editing touch support, limit to left mouse button (VB-22064) [li]A bookmark can be accepted as a bookmark bar folder (VB-22105) [li]Keycode 173 was wrongly mapped to minus [li]Open image in new tab should open in a foreground tab (VB-21909) [li]"Open in New Background Window" missing in bookmark tree (VB-22034) [li]Search Tab opens on all Open windows (VB-21712) [li]Custom search engines missing favicons (VB-13648) [li]Add context menu entry "Save stack as bookmark folder" for tab stacks (VB-4113) [li]Make setting "Enable Search in Address Field" easier to find (VB-16443)


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