Web page zoom-level not maintained across restarts of Vivaldi …

  • Hello Friends: I'm really enjoying this browser and think you for this. I was an Opera fan for as long as I can remember. I noticed that across kill / restarts of Vivaldi, the zoom-level (not the UI zoom-level, but the web-page zoom-level), isn't respected. This is true whether I set it manually by using <ctrl>+ or via the slider bar in the browser settings. I am using the following vivaldi-snapshot version on Fedora-24/x86_64: user@y700$ rpm -qa | grep vivaldi vivaldi-snapshot-1.5.626.8-1.x86_64 Any ideas or hints? =:) Also, is the browser capable of remembering zoom-levels on a per website basis? I know there are extensions that do this, but just asking. Thank you in advance!</ctrl>

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    Do you have "per tab" zoom enabled or disabled?

  • I have the same issue and I have Per Tab Zoom enabled.


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