How to white-list cookies & delete other cookies on end session?

  • Ex Opera 12 user here. 😉 I need to keep some cookies & remove all other cookies on end session, just like the good old Opera 12. But I cant figure any way to do this with vivaldi. Anyone one know how to setup Vivaldi to to this? or any extension i can use to manage cookies with ease? Tqvm.

  • Vanilla Cookie Manager does what you want. Been using it for the past several months and it's a good addition to the browser. Make sure to set accept cookies to "All" in Vivaldi settings, or the extension won't be able to whitelist cookies successfully.

  • Moderator

    I would not know where to find such information. I am not familiar with the Event Logger.

  • Thanks luetage for the extension.

    Well I guess if Vivaldi still unable to whitelist cookies yet, then maybe we should request this function.


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