Closing the Panel is kinda weird

  • Not sure if this is Windows version bug, but everytime when I close/hide the panel, the panel will slide away with a smooth animation & the webpage resize to 100% width, but then immediately a gray empty space (same width as the panel) will appear & resize the webpage as the panel is open... It took about a second before the empty space disappear & the webpage resize to 100% width. This is very irritating whenever I access the panel, pls fix this asap. tqvm. Using windows 8.1, 8GB ram, panel set on the Right side. usually I use F4 to open/close panel.

  • Moderator

    A lot of work and testing has been done to optimize this animation. It's still not perfect, but there are other priorities at the moment. Just stay tuned.

  • OK. Got it. Thanks for the confirmation.

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