Shortcuts not working with Vivaldi

  • I like shortcuts, but as I've reported on the blog they have not been working here with Vivaldi, i.e., completely unresponsive, for some time (don't recall if they ever did). And this is only with Vivaldi - they work fine with Opera old or new, IE 11, FF or Slimjet. I don't have a clue why or what to do about it. Any ideas where to look? Win 10 Pro x64. Thanks,

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    Check your settings under "keyboard" and see if they are disabled. If not, restore defaults at the bottom of that section, and see what happens. If the problem remains, refresh your profile.

  • Thanks! Missed that entirely. Problem solved. Strange no one ever mentioned this on the blog. Plus, is shortcuts disabled the default? I didn't touch either setting.

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    No. Disabled is NOT the default. Don't know how it might have gotten that way for you, tho it's known some extensions do change settings without the user's knowledge.

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