Go back with Mouse Button

  • So… does it work or not? 😛
    (I'm just asking of purpose of this post xD)

    I'd be really happy if rocker gestures would be supported on Vivaldi internal pages (like Speed Dial and so on...)

  • It does not work. I would however gladly wish. Excuse me, my English is not very good.

  • No problem 😉

    I suppose that it could be similar / common issue with rocker gestures…
    I really miss possibility to go forward from Speed Dial by rocker gesture like in old Opera... :unsure:
    And it would be nice to go back from Speed Dial folders too

    I suppose these isues are already reported but maybe some Soprano can check this :huh:

  • I usually remap my back forward buttons to something more useful.

    But I've just tested what happens if I leave them to the stock function, and they are working perfectly.

    If it isn't your case you can check if the key combination (backspace, alt + left arrow… ) works for you. In that case just remap your mouse back button to your back key combination. Using Logitech Setpoint or the equivalent function for your mouse.

    If it's a cheap no brand mouse, you can use X mouse buttons, which works with any mouse

  • @The_Solutor:

    you can check if the key combination (backspace, alt + left arrow… ) works for you.

    it does not work.

    My Mouse is a Roccat Kone XTD

  • @RayAlpha:

    it does not work.

    Then your problem is not mouse related, maybe something is messed up on your profile.

    Try closing vivaldi and renaming temporarily your profile folder.

    Then Vivaldi should start like freshly installed.

    If that fixes your problem just copy back the relevant files (bookmarks, sessions and so on) from the old to the fresh profile, to recover most of your old things.

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