Amazon Wish Lists

  • Today when I went to Amazon US and clicked on Lists where my lists would normally show I get a message "Unable to retrieve your wishlist." Below that is a button "Your Wishlist" and if I click on it I will go to my main wishlist. I believe this is new behavior but not sure. Vivaldi 1.4.589.38 on Windows 10. Firefox and Chrome both display my lists correctly. Anyone else have this?

  • i have not had any problem with amazon lists on windows. check cookie settings, deleting browser data history. your login cookie may have expired. try it again. may be issue on amazon if problem can't be replicated. is this a regular issue?

  • Thank you. I cleared history and cookies from within Vivaldi and then when I re-logged in the list was back. I had tried clearing in CCleaner but that hadn't worked. I assume now the problem may have been that I have CC set to keep those cookies and it took actually clearing in Vivaldi to "take".

  • depending on configuration, disk cleanup can do the same thing. if you're feeling generous, please hit the blue "thank you" button below and on the left hand side of my forum response. forum tracks amount of helpfullness per user.

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