How to Revert "Never Save Password"?

  • I've accidentally clicked "NEVER SAFE" and now I can't seem to find a proper way of finding how to revert the action. So any one have any idea? I am planing on maybe using Dashlane for a unified password manager, but I'd like to have the option in Vivaldi just in case. Any ideas? Following the Google Chrome method didn't work. There simply isn't a password manager.

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    Go to chrome://settings/passwords

    The password manager is there.

  • Thank you very much! :D

    I felt like dropping a F-bomb in appreciation there, but decided not to get over eccentric. xD

    Thanks again, I feel a little dimwitted for not trying that myself, but I guess a fresh OS install and consequent networking issues has that effect over me.

    That works now, maybe they can add a more user friendly / easier to navigate option in the future. Like a link around the password preference section. : 3

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    A more user friendly / easier to navigate option is a certainty for the future. Vivaldi has a very long (and seemingly steep) development curve ahead of it.

  • settings(alt+p)>privacy>passwords works for me. i have problems memorizing browser settings url's.

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