SO GLAD!!! I've been waiting for two years or more for this!!

  • :woohoo: I just want to THANK You that MAYBE we will have the Opera back that we KNEW and loved. I Went to FireFox because of all the GAMES etc. the new Opera is NOT the Company you founded and I used and supported since I think Opera 4. Hopefully this one will develop with all the old Opera pluses and none of the Google Chrome conglomerate vision that they have. I will try this out IMMEDIATLY just downloaded!!!!

  • +1. I personally have already dropped Google Chrome and have been using Vivaldi as my default browser. I look forward to this browser really taking off and getting noticed in the future.

  • Could you give me some pointers about this browser where I don't clog up learning?

    I can't find an overview page on home page forums etc. that is clear and answers BASIC questions all new users have .
    Is it a Web based browser ( which I doubt).
    What engine is it using Custom or Chrome:
    Wheres update Tab?
    Where and what are goals of ViValdi?
    Love the MAIL idea it's been SO long that Opera MAIL has been updated.
    How concerned are you about privacy and ad based everything I'd rather PAY for a browser or have that option.
    Timeline of feature development where we don't get impatient.
    Want to be able to download FULL program OFFLINE in case of crashes and/or lockups.
    HOW do you increase these TINY FONTS can't find that I'm greater than 60 years.

    So far no problems.


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