With all the bugs i am strugaling not to change vivaldi for crappy new opera. please fix it.

  • i like you guys a lot, all the people that stood by the old opera. please fix the vivaldi. mouse gestures do not work properly, fast close gestures almost always open new page. it was flawless on old opera. sometimes when you call (mouse gestures) for a new page it opens some random link from the pages you are looked at before. recently there are a lot of freez. RT video on facebook play just for a first half and than freez. Also there are a lot of others video players on the net that freez itself after about half of the playing, and all of that videos works great on chrome or opera.

  • Hi, have no freezes playing videos at all.
    Checked gestures again, no problems.
    I always use latest snapshots, wich version of Vivaldi you are using.

    Cheers, mib

  • forum offers many threads based on format of videos viewed. plugins may be another issue. i mostly worry about security vulnerabilities i can't see as far as bugs go. i have to be real precise for mouse gestures to work. for that reason i use many custom shortcuts unsupported in other browsers instead of mouse gestures. be aware that 32-64 bit versions have differences in media playback.

  • "sometimes when you call (mouse gestures) for a new page it opens some random link from the pages you are looked at before"

    The day i'm able to reproduce this bug consistently will be a great one. This is something happening in current Opera as well (or at least it used to when I was still using it) so I suspect it might have something to do with the chromium engine.

  • did you try settings>mouse> and deleting all the gestures that you don't use? does it do the same thing on other machines/mouses? problem might be with hardware or drivers or software.

  • I've had video problems with the early 2016 builds, but they were all tied to switching to full screen and back, not playback-related. The Snapshot builds are stable enough to be used as a main browser and I've had no bugs or weird issues, except that from time to time opening a new tab with Ctrl+T can have a visual feedback delayed by 1 second or so, but this only happens when the computer is under a lot of stress and only happens briefly so it's no big deal.

    I'd have to share a personal opinion that even the Stable builds aren't ready for prime time yet and having a stable release at this point will have many people think "oh, so this is stable? where are all the features, why is it so clunky?". But that's 1.4 builds. The 1.5 builds are a ton better.

  • no, i don't use vivaldi as a main browser. only for news and studying. on the other hand, i would feel better about using vivaldi than windows edge. (or slimjet, qupzilla, internet explorer)

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