How to turn off geolocation in Vivaldi?

  • As the title says, I couldn't find any way to do is, so I'm asking you, the community as a last resort.

    1. Open current link (it will search settings for keyword "location"):
    2. Navigate to: Privacy \ Content settings… \ Location
    3. Select option Do not allow any site to track your physical location
      Here you can also Manage exceptions for some specific sites.

    Other way to set it for current opened site is to use Site info icon and select Site settings.

  • The directions here need updating. The only thing that comes up when searching "location" in settings is related to download location.

    I'd like to permanently disable location requests sent to the browser.

    EDIT: I went to this URL in the browser:


    And then opened up the "Content" button and scrolled down to "Location" and set to permanently disabled.

  • @948102398 The search link given by @stealth789 still works for me.


    Note: open a new tab then paste (or type) into url bar - it does NOT work as "open link in new tab".

  • Actually, @948102398 right. The geolocation (location) was in Content page which inside Chromium settings page.
    So, it should be vivaldi://chrome/settings/content or chrome://settings/content.

  • Sadly this does not seem to work anymore. I switched to Block and the notification still displays for all sites. I didn't bother before but now almost every single website on the Internet is starting to request location and its starting to get very, very annoying. This is even worse than popups in the past. Vivaldi should put this on the settings so users can choose to deny/block websites asking for location by default. Not only for privacy reasons but because its just annoying as hell to browse like this.

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    The webs use your IP address for your location, that is, as long as you do not hide your IP, however much you deactivate the location, anyone who knows your IP will have your location (approximate)

    The only way to avoid this is to use some VPN service or a proxie

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    //EDIT: wrong bug report. It works.

    Tested on Google Maps.
    Deactivation of geolocation request works for me.

    Please tell us, which Vivaldi, which OS?

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