Lost my Login !

  • Using ver 1.4.589.38 Vivaldi has stopped logging me in on sites where it has login info. When I open preferences it says that it has no record of any login data - even though the "Login Data" file is in the Default folder where it's supposed to be (and I can retrieve it's data using WebBrowserPassView from nirsoft.net). Preferences > Privacy > "Save webpage passwords" is checked. When I enter the login info manually on a web page it doesn't offer to save it. Now what?

  • Moderator

    That happens if some Vivaldi processes crashed and you closed Vivaldi.
    In background some processes run invivsible like zomibes and block the login database.

    Please close Vivaldi and in Windows Taskmanager inspect Details if theer are sole Vivaldi running.
    If yes, terminate these.


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