Tabs not loading, links not clickable, videos not playing

  • I'm a newbie to Vivaldi, just scanned through a bunch of recent posts and found a few people with problems similar to mine, but not the same. I have a few: 1)I am having significant problems loading pages (about 1/4 of pages don't load). The progress bar says loading is finished, but the tab is completely blank. 2) At random, some links are not clickable. They appear as links, but I cannot follow them. Instead, I have to right-click, copy link, paste into URL bar.....and if the problem above occurs, then I have to paste into Chrome. This has happened several times. 3) Videos don't load on Facebook or Twitter. Youtube is normally good, but I have hit some problems there too. A reinstall hasn't worked. (I'm running V1.4 on OSX Sierra) Anybody have similar issues? Are they known? Suggestions for fixes on my end?

  • I have the same problems, but on OSX El Capitan! Really bad bugs that should get maximum attention.

  • Now tried to remove Vivaldi with AppZapper, remove the Vivaldi folder hidden in Library > Application Support.
    Upgraded to MacOS Sierra. Started with a new fresh install from the Vivaldi site. And after about 5 minutes, I can no longer click again…

    So disturbing! When I restart Vivaldi, it works for a few minutes. Then it stops working. I restart it, works another few minutes.
    Does it have anything to do with me using a Wacom tablet maybe? Both Wacom and mouse connected at the same time?


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