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  • I have been using Vivaldi since the beginning and I love it. I stopped using Opera which had been my default browser since back when we had to pay for it. I was very happy with it until the new folks bought out Jon and the others and ruined a great piece of software. However one feature that Opera had for many, many versions was the ability to enter a search term in the Search Box on the address bar line and to keep the original tab open and move to a new tab to show the results. If I do this in Vivaldi, the search results open in the tab that I searched from. It is the same what happens when I enter a search term on the address bar line. At this time when I want to keep my original tab open, I need to open a new window in a different tab, then do my search. As Jon and the other developers who came over from Opera originally developed this behavior, I would not think this would be very hard to do.

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    To get that here, for the time being, you have to press alt+enter.

  • Apespy – Thanks for the super quick response. I haven't corresponded with you in quite a while, but I have really enjoyed watching you in action since you became a Moderator.

    That said, some time back I moved from x32 to the Win 7 x64 Standalone version. Except for a couple of Snapshot upgrades that had some hiccups, every upgrade has added to Vivaldi's utility. I am very happy that I discovered it and it has been my default since probably the 3rd or 4th Snapshot. I has been a very interesting journey so far, and I look for the continued innovations I know will come.

    Keep up your good work.


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    Thanks. I hope to help people make sense of things. It's why I'm here.


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