Reader Mode?

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    Am I missing something? I can't find "reader mode" anywhere in the settings. :( Looked in the "webpage" section of the settings with no luck. :( I am running the latest snapshot. I, also shut down my laptop each day.

  • For now you can enable the readability filter (< > sign on the left of the zoom slider)

    A proper readability button is coming (soon I believe)

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    Got it! Thanks! B) :)

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    In the status bar, at the bottom right of a page, is a pair of carets facing left and right. Hover this, the tootltip says "page actions." Open that, and about 2/3 of the way down the list of actions is "readability." You can activate that for whatever tab you are on. There is no global reader mode, nor is there a persistent reader mode, AS YET. It's a much-requested feature, and sure to be added at some point. In the meantime, that page action is what we have.

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    Again, Thanks!

    I also figured out the page zoom thing. See

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