[bug?]Saving a Session in Incognito.

  • I was in incognito mode and had 6-7 tabs, my first thought was bookmark them for later but then I remembered I had a "save session" option too. I pressed the "save session" option, placed a name and went my way. After reopening vivaldi and trying to restore my previous session, I couldn't. Is this the intended behavior? I'm running vivaldi-snapshot in debian sid. I get no errors in the cmdline, the file is created in the sessions folder but its an 8byte one.

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    You cant use sessions in this mode.That's the intended behavior.
    Incognito is the mode to stay completely private and means: don't store any data in this mode.

  • what is the intention of your being incognito? incognito is designed to conceal your behavior from other users of the browser. whether you use it or not, you can still change your MAC, IP, cookies, webRTC, and history. 'https everywhere' and 'privacy badger' fill most privacy needs of computers with one user.

  • I don't really see a point in this behaviour. Incognito mode is there to prevent the browser from storing data like cookies or browsing history, but if the user makes the decision to bookmark something or save a session, that should still be possible.
    I think incognito should be like a whitelist system: not discard everything, but discard those things it isn't explicitly told to save.

  • I feel the whole incognito/private browsing concept has lived past its prime. It's way too simplistic for most use cases. Sure it's nice to have when you need to share or borrow a computer for a short time, or as an "adult entertainment mode", but that's it. This power user would like to have more functionality.

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