Address bar performs badly with providing links

  • Hello there, I decided to start using Vivaldi after reinstalling, before I used Chromium. I got it recommended and tested it out sometimes, so I fully committed. So far I'm very satisfied with it besides a thing which annoys me quite a bit: The address bar. Compared to Chromium and Firefox the Vivaldi address bar is in my opinion very limited and not intuitive. I'll give a example where it's not working like I would like it, but to put it short: It constantly gives you not fitting results. [b]Example:[/b] Opening a page you already opened before [img][/img] In this example I want to open, which I've opened several times before. Another option would be Instead I get a google doc link which I currently have open as a tab, no [i]without[/i] the link to the opened document, and the needed page on the bottom of the menu, in the history. If I want to open, I first need to delete the link part manually or type it out, even though it would be easier to just have it directly suggested in the menu, and if I want to open, I need to go through the other entries with the arrow keys first or switch to the mouse to select it. This post is similar to [url=]this post[/url], but I want to additionally ask for more work being done with the address bar. Chromium does it in my opinion very well, and Firefox isn't too bad in that aspect, and the current settings don't provide enough options to change it to my liking. Thanks for reading this!

  • I second the motion.

    Another regression: in Chromium I could type doc std (see the OP's screenshot) to choose but Vivaldi cannot auto-complete multi-word queries from visited urls. This is very inconvenient.

    P.S. Disabling "Always prefer bookmarks" in options doesn't solve the issues.

  • ++good.
    Address bar matching is so poor, I assumed it was a known issue, but its good to get it formally articulated.


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