[BUG] The window turns blurry when mouse not over it

  • long story short. the window with all of the fonts and images turn blurry, as the window is now being constantly moused over. The blur appears in areas, so if the mouse is on the right side, the left is blurry and vice versa.Please help this is getting so annoying, even windows edge is better at this point.

  • By window, do you mean a web page or a settings page?

    If a web page, is this on every page?

    What is your O.S. and Vivaldi version?

    Have you tried with clean profile https://help.vivaldi.com/article/full-reset-of-vivaldi/

  • reinstalling it for the 5th time and changing the page scaling back to 100% seems to have fixed it
    thanks anyway

  • Fine that it works.

    Also maybe tip for next time, to check if you have option: Page Actions -> Filter Obscure unchecked. Because this option "blurs" content while mouse is out of window content.

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