How to create Tab Groups by myself?

  • Hallo. I just found out, that a tab group was created, when I clicked on a given link on an actual website. I don't know how, the second tab was grouped to the first webside, and you could see previous when stroking the tab. I would like to create own tab groups and add websides to existing groups. Anybody knows how to do? A. Leconte

  • Tab groups? I don't know. Are you sure you aren't referring to Tab Stacks? That can be done by dragging one tab on top of another.

  • You are (it seems to be) right. I mean tab stacks. I'm using a German version of Vivaldi and there is mentioned the term of "Tabgruppe" which I simply translated into 'tab group', with no clue of the term 'Tab Stacks'.
    So, I rapidly tested your way to stack tabs on another, which works like a charm. I'm very content.
    Thank you.

    -A. Leconte


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