How to Make a New Tab (Clicked to from Apple Mail) Active by Default

  • Hi to all, Lovin' Vivaldi. It's now my default browser. The only problem with that is when I click on a link from Apple Mail. The link opens in a new tab in V, which is fine. But the tab remains inactive. Since I open browsers in a different desktop than Apple Mail, that's an extra step. I always want to read a link when I click to it from Mail, so am wondering how to make that "linked-to tab" active by default. Thanks very much, Ken

  • It's not possible. It's simply a bug that will be fixed at some point. For now you got to change app/desktop by OSX shortcut.

  • Thanks very much.

    I'll rest to Safari as default and watch for bug fix notice.

    Much appreciated! Love the V! 🙂


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