Startpage custom background image not sizing

  • Latest stable Vivaldi for Linux (Ubuntu) release. I have roughly 20 different .jpg images of various sizes. Only two are usable as custom background images - provided I use the "repeat" setting. With the other images, whether I use "repeat" or the "fit" setting, only a small part of the image is visible on the Startpage. Those images appear to be too large. Is this a bug with those settings or are there certain specifications for image size? I haven't found such information yet. To the forum moderator and developers: This is my favorite browser by far. All of you have done a fantastic job. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

  • i would try settings>appearance>user interface zoom
    or scale image with graphics software.
    i havent had that problem. size of your monitor, resolution, and os scaling might be issues. bitmap and png images might work better for you, but i never had problems with jpeg. definitely no specs for image size.

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