• i attempted to install passwordbox in vivaldi in linux mint 17.1., today. big mistake! it didn't actually install so that it would function. But i have this annoying passwordbox window or banner that pops up to save a password every time i try to log into a website. But it's like an ad trying to get me to sign up for passwordbox. can anyone tell me how to be rid of this? I've never seen something so tenacious. I decided to delete it on chrome which is also on my linux mint-that was straight forward. i also deleted the passwordbox account. i think from the googling i've done, passwordbox is some sort of maleware/spyware or virus to get adware into your computer. the toolbar was not installed-that has the bad rep. anyway, linux mint shows no program or files to remove for passwordbox. so, it has gotten in vivaldi on linux mint. if passwordbox became an add on or extension in vivaldi, i have not figured out where to look. I hope this is simple-like disabling it somewhere. since i'm on linux, suggestions (from googling) for removal software may be suitable for windows, but not linux. and if it's free, that may be creating another issue. I have a dual boot with win7 in another partition; i uninstalled passwordbox there-in "programs" and it was gone from chrome when i went to win7. I got it out of ie too. Point being, you can find instructions to deal with win 7 and most browsers, but vivaldi just is not on the radar yet to find a solution. I'm stumped. sncalaska

  • Close Vivaldi and rename your Vivaldi-Profile ~/.config/vivaldi/. Then start Vivaldi and there is a new profile.

  • i went into my profile. vivaldi will not let me change the username. Is the username what you are suggesting to change? to fix the passwordbox issue?
    What is the command line looking part of your message? mint doesn't recognize it.

    i will continue to look at your message to see if i'm misunderstanding it.

  • You misunderstand me. :cheer:

    Close Vivaldi. Open a Filemanager like Dolphin or Nemo. Let show hidden files. Go to your Home-Path. Go into the ".config" folder and then rename the folder "vivaldi".

    At the next start have vivaldi a new profile. Then you can import things from the renamed profile and at the end you can remove it.

  • Thanks Mikko211, that seems to have fixed the issue with passwordbox. i just created a whole new account-profile and all. and i deleted the old vivaldi folder in config.
    i'm a little slow on the uptake with linux sometimes because i was a dyed in the wool windows os person.


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