A Few Bugs

  • I use the browser all the time, but there are two bugs I'd like to report. 1. I have a bookmark that calls java-script which fails to properly work, the first time Bookmark url sample: javascript:window.location='

    <address>='+prompt('Enter Data',"") This is a bookmark that will take me to

    <address>= <data>This is handy since <data>changes for me all the time. In a bookmark, this works, but I have to enter the data 2 times. The first time a new tab is created, the popup is not shown and the tab loads nothing. If I then do it a second time, I receive the popup and the page loads as intended. 2. Sometimes, on a page I may accidentally drag an image on top of another image. When this happens, Vivaldi crashes.It's not the easiest to recreate, but it's happened to me multiple times.</data></data></address>


  • Moderator

    1. can confirm the problem with new tab
      I will investigate this in bugtracker.

    2. Happens rarely for me.

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    Thanks for your hint.

    I reported the bug as VB-22030 "bookmark or URL with javascript:window.location fails for new tab"


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