Solarized Theme

  • Given the popularity of the [url=]Solarized colour scheme[/url], I thought I'd share the theme settings that I've been using ever since custom themes were added to Vivaldi. The cyan colour seems to work bests as a highlight imho, but the accent could easily be any of the other Solarized colours. Solarized Dark [ul] [li]Background: #002b36[/li] [li]Foreground: #fdf6e3[/li] [li]Highlight: #2aa198[/li] [li]Accent: #d33682[/li] [/ul] Solarized Light [ul] [li]Background: #fdf6e3[/li] [li]Foreground: #002b36[/li] [li]Highlight: #2aa198[/li] [li]Accent: #d33682[/li] [/ul] Note that the only difference between these two is that the background and foreground values have been swapped, such is the magic of Solarized.

  • Love the solarized dark theme! Thank you. I changed the magenta to the blue shown in the link you gave, because I thought that'd be even better. The solarized dark theme looks good on W10 with it's already dark taskbar.


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