Icons in tab context menus

  • The tab context menus are getting long. While this is due to a lot of nice functionality, it's taking more time to scan through for the action wanted. It would be nice if there were icons. (e.g. something a bit like https://jsfiddle.net/uzvuLhL5/ , but as more consistent-looking Vivaldi-made icons, not as unicode characters. Btw, I forget if I've mentioned it before, but this forum chokes on some unicode characters.)

  • Moderator

    See item number 31 in the Feature Requests thread.

    I agree that the menu is getting too long and therefore it takes longer to find the desired item. In Opera 12.17 I was able to customise the menus, add an icon where I wanted, and organise submenus. Opera's tab context menu was not too long, but had four submenus.



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