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  • Is there a chance Vivaldi will soon add in the missing device emulator that is present in Chromium, Chrome and Opera? I believe there may just be a setting from compile thats switched off or something. If you open up developer tools and go to settings, there's a devices menu to add/remove devices in the device emulation dropdown... but device emulation mode itself is missing. Chromium, Chrome, and Opera have the exact same one... why is it missing from Vivaldi but the settings for it still present? Only reason I'm not using this browser yet. Here's what is missing... [img][/img] Here's the settings which exist in Vivaldi for no reason at all since the feature is missing... [img][/img]

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    The feature request list is very long and there's only a small team of developers. Top of the list, which is under development, is docking of the Developer's tools.

    See item number 1 in the Feature Requests thread.

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    Actual developers (not testers, sysadmins, QAs, designers, etc.) seem to number 14 at the moment. And they are advertising to hire two more. That gives an idea of the size of the team.

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