Poor and unresponsive touch support on Windows

  • I really love this browser and been using it since the very early alpha days, but recently I got a Surface Pro and using it has been much more complicated than I thought. The UI is very unresponsive to touch commands and most of the time the drag to scroll doesn't even work. UI buttons such as the ones to close tabs and back and home buttons are very imprecise and need multiple taps for them to register. The scrollbar isn't even useable with touch. Using this browser forces me to use either the trackpad or an external mouse so oftentimes I would just open Edge instead, which is a shame. Firefox also does touch just fine. Here's to hoping the UI gets some more precise tracking for the touch commands in Windows in the future. There's a lot of us out there, and the number of people using a touch interface with Vivaldi is only going to increase.

  • i am not fond of touchpads either. have you tried gesture controls for these functions? you could command browser through gestures, in addition to icons. touchpads are usually taken care of by a system driver. it could be a problem with mapping your touch. i think of edge as more an infant than vivaldi, it just has richer parents. os and hardware drivers usually handle touchscreens. is your system relaying all commands besides touchscreen to browser successfully?

  • Same problem here.
    I use a Lenovo laptop with touchscreen.
    Vivaldi GUI becomes randomly unresposive to touch input.

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