Script to open saved session

  • Would be useful as a feature, e.g. AppleScript. Is this possible atm? The stacking/tiling features makes it desirable for me to create "profiles", setups that differ depending on what I´m up to atm.

  • Depends on what you want it to do. Do you need an apple script to open a specific saved session or just one that shows you the open session dialog? The latter should be relatively easy, but is it useful? The former I don't know.

  • Yeah I was thinking about opening a specific saved session.

    The open session dialog is available from the quick commands as well, which I have made a global hotkey for. So that one is always readily available.

  • The problem is each session is saved into a binary file. Applescript telling Vivaldi to open it does nothing. You could use applescript to open a number of specific websites in Vivaldi, but that wouldn't help you with stacking/tiling and is independent from sessions. Your best bet is trying to modify Vivaldi itself by assigning shortcuts to sessions. Try this forum:


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