Bookmarking Broken: no longer allows Folder choice

  • Now when I bookmark a page I can no longer select a folder to put it in... When I select the dropdown "Bookmarks" and attempt to select a folder it just goes to the Bookmarks root folder and I must manually move it to a proper folder. Anyone else notice this ??? Vivaldi 1.5.618.8 (Developer Build) (64-bit) Revision 969d05a1b96c3d055ffe748671732b49fa1bb45e OS Windows Blink 537.36 (@969d05a1b96c3d055ffe748671732b49fa1bb45e) JavaScript V8 5.3.332.45 Flash (Disabled)

  • I've found that you can select the folder - the problem is that this is NOT shown in the dropdown.
    However, as long as I do select one, the bookmark is saved to the correct folder (after selecting it).

    Note: this was mentioned in the snapshot blog and a bug report was written (by D0J0P ).


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