• I have searched on the Internet in an attempt to find the answer to the following prompt that keeps popping up when I use Vivaldi, "Vivaldi wants to use your confidentila information stored in "Chrome Safe Storage" in your keychain." I was able to find one mention of using Utilities on the Mac and find Keychain and then delete the links in the Keychain, as a last resort I tried that but it did not work for me, so I need more insight. I am also confused as to why things link back to Safari, I do not like that browser, so do I have to delete? It seems to be tied way too much into the OS of my Macbook Pro 2016. I really prefer things clean, and separate. Suggestions welcome.

  • “Chrome Safe Storage” refers to a binary password (or encryption key) stored in your login keychain. I don't know for sure, but assume this is used to encrypt user sensitive data such as cookies and stored passwords. As for the name, my (possibly wrong) impression is that it is called that because Vivaldi shares quite a large bit of code with Google Chrome.

    I don't know what you mean by “things link back to Safari”. Perhaps you have not set Vivaldi as your default browser? That should be settable in the Vivaldi Preferences, Startup tab, top of the list. You can also set the default web browser in System Preferences → General.


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