Vivaldi address box suggestions need a little polishing

  • I've noticed that when you start typing an URL into the address bar, chances of getting a suggestion of a subpage as a suggestion, compared to the homepage are bigger. Here is an example. I want to go to, but the I am being suggested a subpage instead. The only way to get the "" suggestion on top is to type it in and load the page a couple of times on separate tabs in order to get it to the top suggestion. Also the Search box (that I have disabled) doesn't show search suggestions at all, making it completely useless to me, because it takes away space from the address bar, makes the UI look more cluttered and I also prefer using the address bar for searching, and also the fact that it doesn't offer any suggestion, IMO, this makes it redundant. My suggestion would be to prioritize the home page URLs as suggestion contrary to recently used or whatever and as for the search box, to make it useful - add search suggestions as a person types, this can also benefit in the address bar as well. [img][/img]


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