Vivaldi installation bloats after a week's use

  • Using Vivaldi as a main and only browser causes it to bloat in a weird way, unlike Chrome I reinstalled Vivaldi in order to test something for another thread here and I found this out when uninstalling. Here I have for you a screenshot of what happens when you uninstall Vivaldi with IObit Uninstaller. There are 500MB of evidently tiny files, probably because it took the program several minutes to delete them, whereas every other program I uninstall, takes no more than 5 seconds. Even a complete and utter uninstall of Chrome takes a few seconds compared to Vivaldi. [img][/img] I don't know why is this happening, probably, because Vivaldi has its own thing on top of Chromium. Even though we don't live in the age where only demigods have 80GB HHDs and 500MB isn't much of a space, still... 500MB are 500MB away from 1GB...

  • it's just "Default\Cache" and "Default\Media Cache" that's normal, just empty your cache and you're done.
    if that concerns you so much, set your cache size


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