[Sync] Some random ideas

  • Just a bunch of my free thoughts about Sync (I know that this feature is currently under construction) [b]1)[/b] The main problem I had with Opera Link was that I just wanted unification with some more... levels of separation? I just use many devices... I have separate group of systems in my work I have separate group of systems in my smartphones I have separate group of systems in my home The Opera Link had two mechanisms but it was not enough - it had checkboxed list on desktops where user could choose what and what not to sync - there was a shared directory with bookmarks for mobile devices I want to access all of bookmarks from my home because I need both personal and job stuff I don't want my home bookmarks or notes to appear in my work computer I want to have different speed dials in my home and work. But i'd like to have them all synced (between all of my work computers and all of my home systems) I want to use it with single sync account The way I think about it is maybe like some sort of tree-based access system? [b]2)[/b] I'm wondering that it will be nice if I could just sync Vivaldi settings (or just some of them) I don't like to waste my time to set up everything again and again the same way on every OS I work And when M3 will appear it would be nice to setup all of mail servers just once [b]3)[/b] It would be nice to provide open API for Sync 🙂


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