Can't login to sites I use on Chrome

  • For example, I want to login to my Microsoft Live Account. I can do this on Chrome. But I cannot login to my Microsoft Live account on Vivaldi, using the latest release today. On Vivaldi, the message says my password is incorrect. But that is not true because I can login using Chrome with my correct password. I even try using Last Pass to do this. Same result. Bottom line: Vivaldi will not allow logins to my accounts using the identical username and password I use successfully on Chrome. Until this is fixed, Vivaldi is of no use to me.

  • It works fine for me and I also have Chrome installed and logged into Outlook.

    The problem is somewhere on your side. I can't really put my finger on it, although two words come to mind: policies; permissions.

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    I have no problem to login at MS Live with 1.4.589.38 Final 32bit Windows 10x64

  • I'm experiencing the same issue.

    I assume Chrome is already writing to something that Vivaldi is trying to use too, considering they're both Chromium-based.
    Sites I've logged in to previous on Chrome don't seem to like logging in on Vivaldi, currently it's happening with eBay for me.

    Same passwords work fine on Chrome, just not Vivaldi.

  • I use ebay since the first public release w/o any problem, i use rarely the MS account, but no problem there either.


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