Problem with backspace on Flash site

  • I've been having a problem when using Vivaldi with a flash based site that has messaging. When I am writing a message and make a mistake, and I press backspace on my keyboard, instead of deleting a character it activates the back button in the browser. This is most annoying since it means I lose the message and have to re-navigate to the site. This doesn't happen with other non-flash sites. When I use the site in another browser this doesn't happen, but it is a nuisance to have to do this. Is it likely to be a bug in Vivaldi or the site I'm using? Has anyone else experienced this when using flash based sites?

  • Sometimes happen that the back shortcut doesn't works as expected on something different than a plain web page, there where a number of (fixed) bugs about that, but sometimes a regression or a new one pops up.

    The very definitive solution is to remove the backspace from the back shortcuts (I think chrome did it already), leaving the other alternate shortcuts (ALT/CTRL+left arrow, or Z) or using any combination you may like.

  • The easiest thing to do at this point, at least from my perspective is:

    Ctrl+Shift+ArrowLeft; Del


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