Multiline TabBar

  • Experimental thing =) There may be dnd-related issues. [code]#tabs-container { height: auto !important; } .resize { display: block !important; } .tab-strip { display: block; } .tab-strip > span { display: inline-block; } .tab-strip > span > .tab-position { left: 0px !important; position: relative; height: 30px !important; width: auto !important; } .tab-strip > span > .tab-position > .tab:not(.pinned){ width: 220px !important; } .tab-strip > span > .tab-position > .tab.pinned{ width: 30px !important; } .tab-strip > .newtab { left: 0px !important; top: 0px !important; position: relative !important; display: inline-block; padding: 0; vertical-align: top; } .tab-header > .favicon > svg { height: 17px; }[/code] [attachment=4640]multiline-tabs.png[/attachment] Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Nice, however I'm more for vertical tabs :)
    Probably, with that style of tabs, plus button and trash icon should be on address bar or bookmark bar to optimize the spaces =)

  • Moderator

    Address bar, yes. There's tons of room there.

  • Pinned tabs need some styling too - atm they are indistinguishable from other tabs.
    The globe icon (for pages without favicon) and the close box seems to miss positioning and sizing (I maybe wrong, I did some additional editing, don't sue me if I am wrong)

    As expected by den_po, there are here are some d'n'd issues:

    1. If you drag vertically and if the insert gap appears and you are in a certain position, the gab starts blinking in and out of existence because as soon as it is there the other content moves.
    2. It is a bit more difficult to avoid unwanted stacking because with some movements the highlighting when it is in stacking position seems to skip over a tab. (Difficult to reproduce if you want to but easy to do if you don't)

    Some rambling:
    I've tried (not very hard) to convince the whole thing to scroll instead of going multi line (my editor does that, I am used to that) but that has its own pitfalls too …

  • @QuHno I did it. Now the tabbar is above the adress bar and the bookmark bar. What have I to do, that the tabbar will be underneath adress bar and bookmark bar?
    Thank you

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